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2019-06-12 09:54 21004978 Anonymous (1540782267295.jpg 772x1090 181kB)
I'm very curious what kind of people do I get advices from. Can we have a thread where we sum up who we are in the form of greentext? I'll start. >age: 20 >location: eastern europe >job/studies: I wasted 2 years doing nothing after highschool, just got hired to retail job, and i wanna go to uni next year. >your physical appearance on a scale of 1-10 (be as objective as possible pls): body-7 face-7 >describe yourself/ your personality in a few words: I'm an autistic, socially awkward, edgy friendless incel. You can add other things as well if you like, I couldn't think of anything else.

2 min later 21004989 Anonymous
>>21004978 Also I forgot to mention I give advice regularly about all kind of topics here I probably shouldnt..

3 min later 21004993 Anonymous
>>21004978 Dataminer >>>/out/

3 min later 21004994 Anonymous
Age: 24 Location: England, Britain Job: online marketer for an online store Physical appearance; face 5/10 body 8/10 (although arguably separating these makes them more subjective) Describe yourself: cynic stoic autistic chick Interests: tg, Vidya, diy

3 hours later 21005579 Anonymous
>Age: 20 >Location: the Netherlands >Job/study: got a IT diploma but wasted 2/3 years with another IT diploma. Can't find any job with my current diploma. Dropped out last year. Collected 1 year of financial aid for studying and got to pay back. Mental status: super fucked

3 hours later 21005594 Anonymous
>>21005579 >Describe yourself: i look like a thug but I'm a gentle person who likes to help. But not anymore because people take my kindness as weakness and got me fucked up Shy/silence, otaku, gamer, bad luck

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