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2019-06-12 09:05 21004832 Anonymous Should I invite her to my house? (DvXHBqRW0AA1Jkr.jpg 223x226 13kB)
Some context to help you decide what I should do >I'm a 19y/o guy who's seeing a 19y/o girl >we never call it dates, but I always tell her I'm totally hitting on her / said I am interested in her >last date we held hands and kissed >this will be our third date >I've been round her house a few times before, but never just us two, and never outside of a platonic setting >I'm not sure if she's into me or not, but she keeps entertaining my advances So it will be our third "date" soon, and she wasn't able to go through with our original plans (her reason was completely understandable), and so I said I'll come up with another idea of something to do. I am struggling to come up with something to do, we've done dinner dates and stuff and I just don't like them, I just liked the ones where we go for walks to historical sites and stuff. (But she cannot do that this time). I realized I am actually home alone on the weekend, have the entire house to myself, and I was thinking of inviting her round in the evening to come get pizza, have some drinks and watch Netflix. HOWEVER I can totally see how this appears to be an invitation for sex, and I'm not sure if even I'm ready for that NGL. Do you guys think I should just go for it, invite her round and hope, and endure the cringe that might ensue if she gets the wrong idea? Also any advice on what else to do other than eat and watch a film would be kinda nice, cause it does seem a bit dull. I just like her company though.

4 min later 21004844 Anonymous
>>21004832 Do you know how to make popcorn on the stove?

6 min later 21004854 Anonymous
>>21004844 Possibly, I'd rather get pizza

7 min later 21004859 Anonymous
>>21004854 Well yeah do both Bitches love good popcorn tho, you knowimsayin? Yeah inviting her over is fine.

14 min later 21004881 Anonymous
>>21004832 I've got no exp but if you and she are ready I think it's ok. Just find another reason to invite her maybe ? I mean pizza + netflix seems obvious af xD Gl to you and her, hope you'll be happy :)

36 min later 21004944 Anonymous
Well I invited her so this thread is nullified cause I'm dedicated to the outcome now

37 min later 21004947 Anonymous
>>21004944 Nice

1 hours later 21005093 Anonymous
>>21004944 What did she say??

1 hours later 21005183 Anonymous
>>21004944 Glad you figured out that your question had an obvious answer. All you have to do is get food (bonus points if you can cook well) and watch netflix or play mario kart or whatever

4 hours later 21005645 Anonymous
>>21004832 Oh anon, how I love coach chasing while watching a TV. Yes for me, but keep a low profile for sex

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