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2019-06-12 09:38 21002768 Anonymous (DefAefPVwAAd23t.jpg 241x209 12kB)
>25 >Fucking a married 38 year old that's cheating on her husband and has a kid >Fucking her 2-3x a week >Don't feel any guilt Should i?

4 min later 21002779 Anonymous
>>21002768 Do what you want anon, this ahit wont end well. Best case scenario you fuck her for a few months, and then she breaks up with you.

5 min later 21002788 Anonymous
>>21002779 Best case scenario is the husband finds out and murders OP.

6 min later 21002789 Anonymous
>>21002768 ask yourself how would you feel if she was your wife.

6 min later 21002791 Anonymous
>>21002788 I served 4 years in the infantry, as well as carry a loaded gun on me since i have a CCW. Not scared of getting "in trouble" by her husband, when reality is he should be beating her brakes off and not mine.

8 min later 21002799 Anonymous (1559692151199.jpg 249x249 41kB)
>>21002768 Thatll be your wife when you're 38. Checkmate.

11 min later 21002805 Anonymous (barbell-squat.jpg 400x297 55kB)
>>21002789 Don't need to, because i hate kids and don't want to get married. I love dicking random broads instead. Serving overseas and seeing a mate die, reminded me how short life is and to not give a single fuck.

16 min later 21002820 Anonymous
>>21002805 is that tom platz?

25 min later 21002846 Anonymous
>>21002820 nah cunt, it's Adam sandler.

27 min later 21002853 Anonymous
>>21002846 heh.

30 min later 21002860 Anonymous
>>21002846 it's incredibly interesting to me that he's using the ol board under the heels trick there, considering how the squat is his specialty id have thought his ankle mobility was infinite

34 min later 21002873 Anonymous
>>21002860 >it's incredibly interesting to me that he's using the ol board under the heels trick there Always been popular in the 90/s and 80/s, do you know how i know you're a DYEL?

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