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2019-06-12 09:02 21002670 Anonymous (748ED3D5-F52F-471B-A595-9014C5338103.jpg 453x379 50kB)
Do I really need to sleep? I stay up pretty much all day and night and maybe sleep 3hrs after or before breakfast. I don't like sleeping cause I genuinely feel like i'm wasting my time when I could working on my writing/doing what I want. There is not enough time in life to sleep so long. I do get tired sometimes and get my fair share of sleep but lately its so hard for me to just sit there and sleep, and no I don't go on my phone or watch tv before bed I go to bed to go to bed and its still tough for me. It drives me nuts sometimes that I can't sleep but I have so much more time on my hands the less I sleep when I think about it. But I don't want to hurt my brain or body in anyway so what do i do?

3 min later 21002680 Anonymous
>>21002670 >But I don't want to hurt my brain or body in anyway so what do i do? Sleep.

5 min later 21002685 Anonymous
>>21002670 Your brain and body will tell you how much sleep you need. Some need less than others. But if you find yourself nodding off during the day or crashing on weekends, your body is telling you it wants more

8 min later 21002691 Anonymous (1510126950871.jpg 225x225 4kB)
>>21002685 You sound like one of the creatures in /fph/ threads on /fit/. >your body will tell you how much food it needs

9 min later 21002694 Anonymous
>>21002685 Ok but i'm not sure how much of it is insomnia or not, I have a UTI so that affects my sleep sometimes to

25 min later 21002730 Anonymous
>>21002670 This is the exact story I told my brother and his idiot friends when faced with the same exact problem as you (actually, no, I'll give you the short version): Two woodsmen out chopping wood when the king's messenger gives them a letter. It says "the king is throwing a contest between the two of you to see which of you is the better woodsmen". They each had to chop down 1 tree, both in equal weight, height, size, and length. The woodsmen themselves were also identical twins, with both having the same faces, builds, and weights. So on the day of the competition, which of them managed to win the big prize? The answer? The one who stopped to sharpen his axe. Sleeping is not wasting time, sleeping is sharpening your axe. Get your fucking sleep and close your fucking eyes. It's that simple.

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