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2019-06-12 08:39 21002613 Anonymous (Horemheb.jpg 632x474 81kB)
(701) 320-2127 This number called me. They were apologetic and polite. However, when I researched the number it turned out to be a Jamestown number. Jamestown is where North Dakotas biggest concentration of crazy people is because it's where the biggest nut house in North Dakota is. Not to mention a lot of degenerates, drug addicts, and drunks. Should I be worried?

6 min later 21002631 Anonymous
>>21002613 Extremely worried. Imagine all the psycho shit they can do to you note.

10 min later 21002643 Anonymous
>>21002613 Be glad it's not worse. A buddy of mine got a call from a wrong number asking him about what to do with the remains of a deceased relative. He was drunk at the time. As a result, someone got cremated against their family's wishes.

28 min later 21002686 Anonymous
>>21002643 How exactly did that happen?

34 min later 21002701 Anonymous
>>21002613 Somebody dialed a wrong number. What's the issue?

39 min later 21002711 Anonymous
>>21002701 How does one convince someone to cremate their kin against family wishes? That devil must have a silver tongue.

42 min later 21002717 cherrybean (1C479157-6501-4577-BC6A-82610BB3FCD8.jpg 438x438 19kB)
Oh gosh I kept plenty of calls from Jamestown owo honestly I just block the numbers each time. Don’t be worried just block’em and move on :3

47 min later 21002727 Anonymous
>>21002686 I assume a funeral home called him when he was drunk, asking what to do with the body. He drunkedly answered "cremation". A few days later, he got a call back from them, mentioning they needed to talk, as the family wasn't happy. He pointed out that it was a wrong number. The woman on the other end was quiet for a bit and then answered "I think I've made a big mistake" before hanging up.

55 min later 21002755 Anonymous
>>21002727 rotflmfao!!! So deliciously wicked.

56 min later 21002760 Anonymous
>>21002717 O.O It was you, wasn't it?

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