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2018-03-28 04:32 19405360 Anonymous 72 hours after falling down the stairs (3-28-18.png 528x671 203kB)
Senpai says i shouldn't go to the doctor unless there's swelling. This is 72 hours after I fell, but the bruise just keeps getting worse.

2 min later 19405372 Anonymous (3-26-18.png 406x482 156kB)
... That was supposed to say "senpai" as in my family. Anyway, here's the bruise two days ago.

9 min later 19405386 Anonymous
>>19405360 Not sure what you think a doctor is going to do... “yep, that’s a bruise”... “that’ll be $5999”...

12 min later 19405395 Anonymous
>>19405360 Thats how bruises work. They get worse over a few days. The reason you go when it swells is because you might have broken something or bruised the bone and they will need to do xrays. Dont go just because your bruise looks gnarly.

14 min later 19405398 Anonymous
Bruises get worse before they get better. In some cases, they can look fucking horrific if they're in the right place, like right above the achilles tendon; they'll look fairly benign on day one, but after a day or two, the entire back of the ankle, all the way down to the heel, will be bruised. This is because the blood that forms the bruise just happens to spread that way. Honestly this doesn't look bad. And there's really nothing in that region that could be a serious injury. That's certainly not a hernia and you didn't break your hip. I don't think you're hemophilic or you'd probably be dead by now.

27 min later 19405428 Anonymous
>>19405360 You got a girl butt. Smooth like baby skin.

28 min later 19405430 Anonymous
>>19405360 Cool, I think I can see the edge of the stair imprinted in your butt.

41 min later 19405457 Anonymous
>>19405372 >>19405360 Please just go to a doctor than fill /adv/ with more health related topics which absolutely zero of us are qualified to talk about. Also if you're in the US, just bite the bullet and go!

43 min later 19405466 Anonymous
>>19405457 Normally I'd agree with this, but it's literally a bruise. This is how bruises work. Jesus.

49 min later 19405478 Anonymous
>>19405457 Yeah it’s cancer... How qualified do you need to be to diagnose a bruse? There is no bullet to bit, Obamacare and Medicaid exist for the poor.

1 hours later 19405543 Anonymous
>>19405360 >>19405372 nice butt

1 hours later 19405601 Anonymous
Thanks, bros. I feel better knowing how bruises work. ;w;

1 hours later 19405606 Anonymous
>>19405601 Why do you have girl butt. Where are your hairs

1 hours later 19405609 Anonymous
That's rugburn from getting fucked hard on carpet. Just come clean OP. We all know you either like men, pegging or both.

1 hours later 19405613 Anonymous
>>19405601 make sure you rub it, it'll look worse but it goes away faster. hell lemme rub it for you kukuku

1 hours later 19405623 Anonymous
>>19405613 I bet he has a pink butthole

1 hours later 19405625 Anonymous
>>19405606 That's because I do have a girl butt.

1 hours later 19405628 Anonymous
Hey now, y'all are scaring off the only twink in this thread.

1 hours later 19405643 Anonymous
>>19405625 I have a hairy butt. I have pubes longer than my flaccid penis.

1 hours later 19405680 Anonymous (20180328_112041.jpg 3264x1836 501kB)
proof am grill

1 hours later 19405694 Anonymous
>>19405680 what a cute boy

1 hours later 19405695 Anonymous
>>19405680 You fucked up

2 hours later 19405699 Anonymous
>>19405680 EF?

2 hours later 19405707 Anonymous
>hey everyone i'm a girl here's my butt lol not unappreciated but this is /adv/ not /soc/

2 hours later 19405713 Anonymous
>>19405680 Tits is enough. The face is not expected. Lets see that butthole please?

2 hours later 19405718 Anonymous
>>19405707 Oh yeah, forgot where I was for a moment

2 hours later 19405731 Anonymous
>>19405457 Lol retard, your telling op too go too the doctor for a bruise. Not even a bruise in a place where they could've fucked something up

2 hours later 19405742 Anonymous (gtfo.jpg 460x288 44kB)
>>19405680 TITS OR GTFO

2 hours later 19405750 Anonymous
>>19405680 Swear to god you look like this girl I knew from college. Probably just the glasses though.

2 hours later 19405850 Anonymous
At this angle, the bruise won't fit in the same frame as tiddies, so no dice :/

2 hours later 19405853 Anonymous
>>19405750 Went to college in MN, if that helps

3 hours later 19405889 Anonymous
>>19405360 Gonna have to repeat this I guess: Whenever you think to yourself, "should I go see a doctor about this?," the answer is always, always 'Yes'. None of us here are qualified and even if we were it would still be our responsibility to tell you to go see a doctor in person because doctors are barred from making remote diagnosis (due to how terribly inaccurate they can be).

3 hours later 19405890 Anonymous
>>19405680 I'm a doctor and need to have a good sideview of the bruise including the butt to judge the damage better

3 hours later 19405905 Anonymous
>>19405853 Kek. Yeah you're not her. Too bad.

3 hours later 19405907 Anonymous
>>19405889 >doctors are barred from making remote diagnosis False. You have no idea how the law works. Most states permit telemedicine to a significant degree now, and I know almost no doctors who won't give a generalized opinion on stupid shit like this. The few who actually get all bent out of shape are fresh graduates and people who actually panic about medical malpractice.

3 hours later 19405910 Anonymous
>>19405680 Can I get a look at the opposite buttock for comparison? I need to see what uh... nominal... uh... cheekery... appears to be.

3 hours later 19405917 Anonymous
>>19405889 And what do you really think a doctor is going to say? “That’s a bruse”... you realize there are actual sick people waiting to see doctors because idiots like you tell everyone with a mosquito bite or a bruse to see a doctor.

3 hours later 19405928 Anonymous
>>19405360 They do get worse. I was beaten in the head once (don't ask) and fell down. My bruises on my body looked fucking terrible 3 days after than they did when I just got them. Yeah that's a huge ass bruise you got there but it will heal.

3 hours later 19405942 Anonymous
>>19405907 You're probably too young to remember Terry Schiavo and why not making a remote diagnosis on selected pictures or clips is not a thing responsible doctors do. Telemedicine is a significantly different issue and attempting to conflate them is dishonest.

3 hours later 19405945 Anonymous (1498974612301.jpg 348x367 41kB)
>>19405928 >huge ass bruise

3 hours later 19405953 Anonymous
>>19405917 Liability is a thing when offering advice, even on a semi-anonymous internet imageboard. If you're prepared to entertain a summons because your advice kills someone and their next of kin pursue you, by all means proceed.

3 hours later 19405954 Anonymous
>>19405942 You literally have no clue what you're talking about dude. Nine out of ten doctors out there will throw out an opinion. Ten out of ten will do it if the person in the picture isn't listening. They may try to insert some disclaimers into it, but they'll still point out shit. You have never known an actual doctor if you think every little bruise, mosquito bite, scraped knee, or skinned elbow is a medical emergency requiring someone to immediately visit a physician.

3 hours later 19405962 Anonymous
>>19405953 Thank you. Now fuck right the fuck off out of here with your opinion that was not solicited and is not appreciated.

3 hours later 19405965 Anonymous
Pls op more butt photos

3 hours later 19405987 Anonymous
>>19405953 Fuck you and the cunt you came out of...

3 hours later 19405989 Anonymous
>>19405954 An opinion isn't a diagnosis, which is I'm sure an opinion offering doctor would point out. Nor did I ever say anything about medical emergencies, just that if someone thinks that maybe they should see a doctor, they should. Whether that is emergency care, urgent care, or an appointment with their primary practitioner was completely unspecified.

3 hours later 19405991 Stranger
>>19405360 It'll be sore for a few days, but you'll notice it go down eventually. If it gets progressively worse or that something doesn't feel right, go to the doctor.

3 hours later 19405993 Anonymous
>>19405953 >Liability is a thing when offering advice, even on a semi-anonymous internet imageboard it's literally not

4 hours later 19405995 Anonymous
>>19405386 Usually doctors are just a case of call up, get a time, walk over there, pop in and have a chat, you'll get nothing/prescribed mediation/referred to a specialist or whatever, then unless you're dying you just go home. Kind of like a dentist. Obviously if costs money... do more internet research I guess.

5 hours later 19406235 Anonymous
>>19405991 Thanks, man. I appreciate the actual advice. You're a chill dude, bro.

5 hours later 19406241 Anonymous
Sorry, that was rude to other people who gave advice as well. I apologize if I offended any of you.

5 hours later 19406242 Anonymous
>>19405360 an elephant or a snake

6 hours later 19406282 Anonymous
>>19405360 In cases of bruise, you should first bring cold to a damaged place, then some warm. Also qt butt

7 hours later 19406484 Anonymous (1504879549382.jpg 721x960 75kB)
Op are you to post your butt again or what

7 hours later 19406489 Anonymous
Still waiting for OP to give the comparison pic of the opposite buttock. We need to confirm there's no swelling. This is best done by seeing the unaffected buttock.

7 hours later 19406500 Anonymous
>>19405945 Ayyyy yeah

7 hours later 19406505 Anonymous
This was better when we were talking about butts.

7 hours later 19406513 Anonymous (EB77E2EE-E69A-442F-8151-C0E1E9F80202.jpg 957x621 63kB)
>>19406242 Or Pepe head and arm (missing hammer).

7 hours later 19406524 Anonymous
>>19406484 Resounding this.

9 hours later 19407023 Anonymous
>>19406484 Yeah OP put a link to a /soc/ thread and whore it up, I like your ass.

10 hours later 19407064 Anonymous
>>19407023 >dat ass >8-E

10 hours later 19407070 Anonymous
>>19407064 What?

10 hours later 19407146 Anonymous
It's just a bruise. There's literally nothing vital in your butt. Leave it alone and you'll get better.

10 hours later 19407175 Anonymous
>>19407146 Hey now, there's plenty that's vital in that fine butt.

11 hours later 19407294 Anonymous
id tell you to go to the doc but you're probably american and that means ruining your life in debt

12 hours later 19407410 Anonymous
You might have to go to the doctor, but just in case you should post more pics so we can get a better understanding.

12 hours later 19407441 Anonymous
>>19407410 Yeah we need to see if it shook anything up in between the cheeks, dangerous stuff

12 hours later 19407447 Anonymous (EMSStar_1024x1024.png 1024x1024 63kB)
Paramedic here. Not that I'm qualified to diagnose your condition or anything, but from what I could tell by the pictures you posted, you should alright. Go to the doctor if it swells up significantly because you might need to get it drained. Discoloration otherwise isn't a major concern. Expect it to turn a yellow tint as it heals.

12 hours later 19407454 Anonymous
>>19407447 >Expect it to turn a yellow tint as it heals. This. Also, don't you think OP should return here soon to show us how the healing is progressing? I think we have a right to know at this point. It's in her best interests.

12 hours later 19407459 Anonymous
Too gay for me.

12 hours later 19407460 Anonymous
>>19407454 Oh of course. Why do you think I lurk on this site?

12 hours later 19407468 Anonymous
Thank you for posting picture of face was worried that it was a cute butt that might belong to a man pretending to be girl.

13 hours later 19407581 Anonymous
Who else /bruisedbutt/ here?

16 hours later 19408010 Anonymous (20180329_014732.jpg 3264x1836 373kB)
Hey, sorry for not checking back in for a while. Been busy with homework. Anyway, here's a photo I took a few minutes ago. I think the green might fade to yellow, so hopefully it'll start healing soon.

16 hours later 19408065 Anonymous
>>19408010 It looks like a helicopter, but instead of blades it just has a dick.

18 hours later 19408166 Anonymous
>>19405360 south east IL?

24 hours later 19408713 Anonymous
>>19408010 We're going to need to take a look at the hole

24 hours later 19408754 Anonymous
>>19405750 nah bitch is like 15

29 hours later 19409361 Anonymous
Why do girls post naked pictures on 4chan so easily? Especially with face in it

29 hours later 19409367 Anonymous
>>19409361 Attention

29 hours later 19409407 Anonymous
>>19408010 I want to lick that freckle

29 hours later 19409414 Anonymous
>>19405680 I thought it was a guy, goddamn you're flat

29 hours later 19409452 Anonymous
>>19408010 Come on you exhibitionist roastie, show us some ass.

31 hours later 19409745 Anonymous
gape bungus pls

32 hours later 19409871 Anonymous
>>19409745 Thats pretty much what we're here for, OP

32 hours later 19409902 Anonymous
>>19408010 Yeah, that's healing. It'll be tender for a while but nothing unusual.

33 hours later 19409993 Mike Hunt
>>19405360 Medic of 8 years retired... I recommend Epsom salt soaks in warm water and some kind anvil or some thing to help with the pain and any swelling.. If the swelling dose not go away in 64 hours just shy of 3 days go to your doctor as there may be some thing wrong.. if it got down stay soaking for a week or so and keep away from any more impacts on the site... Also watch out for any really bad discoloration of the skin, yellow black and blue are ok but light purple and green id go to the dr if seen,,, hope this helps ya out

33 hours later 19410004 Anonymous
Put heat on it to make the blood circulate better

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